After we got the keys…

15 januari, 2019 8193 av E & M

During the meeting when we got the keys to the house, I began to feel sick. I was so happy when we drove along snow-covered forest roads to our house. Even though it felt like I would vomit at every bump.

When we arrived at the house Magnus had also started to feel sick. It did not prevent us from running around like small chickens in every room of the whole house and pep of joy before we crawled up in each sleeping alcove. With a bucket each next to the bed. And then we felt sick together and slept for two days before we even left the beds.

On this, it has apparently been the worst storm of the year during these days.
I’ve slept like a log.
May be my inner Ronja Rövardotter who loves storms. The wind has cracked in the walls and the snow has smashed against the windows. SO cozy!

We got our furniture. When the movers were about to leave, they they could not get up from our parking to the road. Dual-free tires and only rear-wheel drive wheels are not for the Northern Territory.
We have a tiny spruce that Maud the previous owner has planted which is intended to be used as an outdoor Christmas tree when it has grown a bit. I guarded it with my life.
After 25 minutes they got away. Don’t know which of us was happiest. Me, the moving company or the Christmas tree…

For the rest of the days, we have picked up our boxes in a slow pace. Fire in the fireplace. Eating hot sandwiches.

NOW we are going to pack ourselves again, because it’s time to head for a trip south. Very much south. Specifically, 130 mil down the country. To Småland. To bring home our 2 new family members!

This house is more than I ever wished for. Its perfect. I love the feeling you get here. So safe and calm. I’m happy. So happy. Can hardly wait to get back home again after our ”little” trip.